Hearth mother, peace weaver

Babies are ordinary. Most people will come across one, sooner or later. But they don’t  feel ordinary, not when they’re yours. I’m quite convinced that mine is perfect; Too many night feeds may have dissolved my capacity for rational thought.

Frigg can be seen as a kind of role model. Smart, independent, a valued wife, she is hearth- mother and peace- weaver, a figure to thank for our fertility and prosperity.  A focus on Frigg can help us to see the home itself as something more than ordinary, a sacred space as important as any grave-mound or temple.

The home is where you take care of your family, where you take care of  your guests.

It is the heart of hospitality. Everything we do, friendships, work, it all comes back to the home. To honour Frigg is to acknowledge its importance.  

I sing nursery rhymes to the baby, when she’s tired, and I’m tired, and there’s magic in that small act, in doing a thing that every mother has done to a child since our especially developed species of ape learnt to sing.

I will pass on all the little songs that my parents sang to me. I will pass on the stories of Frigg.

I will remain convinced that every ordinary thing the baby does is somehow amazing, even when I’ve had some some sleep.


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